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Model: “Ultimate Harmony”

The ultimate electric cargo bike in a modern “slim” design and black mat colour. The wooden box is made from oil-treated and lacquered birch and poplar wood, which gives a timeless and modern look with plenty of space for children. The bikes comes with TEKTRO’s / BENGAL’s hydraulic front and rear brake system including electric brake system, that insure that maintenance is kept at a minimum. This world-known brake system automatically minimizes the forces needed when using the brake handles and automatically activates motor stop at the same time. The bike also comes with the newest Anti-Tilt steering system. With our Ultimate Harmony you get 3 strong anti-puncture tires included which helps with avoiding the hassle of punctures. A quality bike with a powerful engine that can handle up to 60 km on a full charge due to the 13ah battery – 468WH. The bike has an easy and user-friendly operating display, that everyone will be familiar within seconds.

Accessories (included):

Removable canopy system with transparent panorama canopy and entrance from the sides

High-quality front- and rear fenders

Luggage rack with straps

Chain cover

Bell and several reflectors

2 x Powerful LED headlights and 1 x rear light

Safety belts for 4 children (2-point safety belts)

Children’s bench for 4 children

Step board for children

Quick release for quick adjustment of the sadle

UK Import duties can be up to app.100£.

(Import duties Only apply to UK – NO import duties in EU)

The electric cargobike Ultimate Harmony model is our absolut top model in “slim” design, mat black colour and with the newest Anti-Tilt steering system. The wooden box is designed in oil-treated and lacquered birch and poplar wood, which gives a timeless and modern look. It is of course made for short and long trips(we added the best 13ah battery), but you can also enjoy your puncture-free tires on roads with gravel or through the urban environment, even if it’s not swept. Like our other electric cargobike models, the Ultimate Harmony model is extremely easy to learn to drive. A couple of good trips and you feel you’ve been driving a cargobike all your life. For our top model, we have also choosen the ultimate braking system – Hydrolic brakes. Our passion for cargobikes means that with our top model we put our soul in this project to make the bikes’ final touch perfect. With special hydraulic disc brakes, someone would say that it might be too good for a bike, but we do not agree! The system feels like butter when pushing to slow down. To go further we also added electric brake system which sends a signal direct from the brakes to the motor to stop.

The Ultimate Harmony Cargobike

For you who ought to own the very best from Amcargobike, an electric bike in the Ultimate Harmony model is the right choice. It costs a little more, but with this model you get so much joy. We have paid particular attention to the detail and made sure that this top model can meet your expectations every time. The bike is made of Danish design, with great focus on particularly good quality and it is collected at our local assembly workshop, where we review all parts and ensure that you get a finished product with all the parts in order. You may have already had your first electric cargobike and now you just want the best. All bikes must be maintained, but we promise you that this bike will last much longer than otherwise, as parts that you would normally experience wear are replaced with special resistant materials. For example, you will experience minimal puncture and you will be able to cycle in more challenging terrain. You get anti-puncture tires in good quality from the reputable supplier Kenda on all 3 wheels. In addition, we have added TEKRO TWIN / BENGAL hydraulic brakes fornt and rear with electric brakes system on the Ultimate Harmony. These details moves the model into a completely different league, which few in Denmark can match. Of course, the model has all the other good parts, such as Shimano gear, to the amazing 250W engine system from the Japanese manufacturer Dapu, powerful battery 13Ah. Likewise, on this model, you will not seem to move in left or right direction by your handlebar. Many experience this as a result of many years of use of its cargobike without maintenance, but with hydraulic disc brakes, you will find that you are no longer facing this challenge and your bike will always turn easily without maintenance. It arranges the system itself. The Ultimate Harmony model is definitely our personal favourite.

Amcargobike is Danish Quality

Someone calls us professionals and others calling us “nerds”. Granted. We have been working a lot of years with bikes. Our company has roots back to 92 ‘and yes we are not quite young anymore. With the expertise we have, you get in our Danish designed and Danish complete bicycles. We are stubborn about changing our models so that we always offer what we think is the best electric cargobike for the price. The electric cargobike Harmony model is made for you according to customers input and wishes. Our charging bikes are completely “fresh”. We first collect your electric cargobike when we have your order. This is your guarantee that you will get a brand-new bicycle that is checked in all leads and edges to ensure you the best quality.


Colour: Mat Black frame (5 treatments containing: Paint, lacquering, antirust treatment and anti-slip seal)

Wooden box: Designed in oil-treated and lacquered birch and poplar wood, which gives a timeless and modern look. With plenty of space for children

Steering: Newest” Anti-Tilt” patented steering/handlebar system with self- straightens adjusting function. Makes it super easy to turn and steer, straightens automatically

Display: Easy and user-friendly Digital LCD display with USB charger output and many different speed levels.

Electronic “Walking mode”: Hold down a button on the display and the bike drives up to 5 km/h.

Motor: Powerful and robust 250W Brushless engine with latest “Low-Energy Consumption & No Noise” technology and provides up to a maximum of 25 km/h at the highest speed level and of course CE approved.

Battery: 36V, 13 Ah Li-ion battery – 468WH – Anti-theft lock (CE, GS and TUV approved).

Charger: Intelligent TURBO charger, with reduced charging time and stops charging when the battery is fully charged, CE, GS & TÜV approved.

Gear: 7 external Shimano Tourney(SIS) gear with freewheel and a Shimano front gear shifter.

Brakes: Tektro hydraulic brakes fornt and rear with electric brake system + parking brake

Front wheels: 20″ Strong anti-puncture Kenda tires with reflection line.

Back wheel: 26″ Strong anti-puncture Kenda tire with reflection line.

Rims: Aluminum wheels heavy duty stainless spokes.

Loading capacity: 150 kg.

Box dimensions: top measurement 110cm X 72cm (L X B) / bottom measurement 92cm X 62cm (L X W)

Weight: 47 kg.

Dimensions: 222cm X 118cm X 85cm (L X W X H).

CE: CE marked / Approved.

Electric Cargo Bike - Ultimate Harmony

Excluding Sales Tax


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