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framing The Future

Glimpse the future of cycling with Heybike's EC 1-ST. With a silhouette as sleek as an antelope, its lightweight frame and streamlined design invite admiration and promise agility.

Every curve, every line, evokes a sense of fluid motion, even when stationary.

4 - 5 hours Charging Time

50-62 mile Range

16 mph Top Speed

3.4'' LCD Display

3 Levels Pedal Assist Modes

700C*40C Tire

Portable Battery

Unleash your freedom with an impressive range of 50 miles on a single charge, allowing you to explore without limits.

Designed to fuel your adventures, this battery from Samsung offers exceptional performance and efficiency.

360Wh Power

10Ah Capacity

36V Voltage

Lightweight Motor

Experience a superior ride with our 250W lightweight motor, offering stability, shock resistance, smoothness, and longevity.

Experience the difference of a motor designed for excellence and elevate your riding experience to new heights.

250 W Power

37 Nm Torque

7 Speed Shimano

EC 1-ST Commuter Ebike

£1,499.00 Regular Price
£1,199.20Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax


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