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The innovative folding mechanism allows you to effortlessly place your e-bike in the trunk of your car, in a storage closet or even under your office desk. The compact design is ideal for those with limited storage space or frequent travelers.


In this way, bicycles can be easily transported and stored at home, in the office or in vehicles
. Ease of transportation: They can be easily carried in public transportation
. In this way, you can easily carry your bike when you want to travel by bike

Integrated Battery

The integrated battery is stored more securely by being incorporated into the body of the bike
. This reduces the risk of theft or damage. It gives your bike a more stylish

hub motor

Provides a more natural driving experience: Since hub motors
transfer power directly to the wheel hub, they provide the driver with a more natural pedal feeling.

Integrated Luggage

Both stylish and more durable: This system, which is fixed to the frame, creates confidence in carrying things . It offers a more stylish look since it is the same as the frame color

E-Loop Armor

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